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Cellbone Technology Inc. To study cutting-edge medical cosmetic technology, create a powerful high-quality aesthetic skin care products for a variety of skin from the inside out to bring the perfect repair, and was more than skin doctor recommended the United States.

Cellbone has been the development, and that is starting from the basic formula, using the medical component identified as all the industry's top production quality, authority and is a world-renowned skin care formulations, all products are medical experiments have shown that the skin significant and long-term efficacy of continuous improvement repair.


Cellbone Technology’s mission is to address the needs of the market place for quality products that deliver nutrition to the skin and body from the inside out. Cellbone Technology scientifically formulates and manufactures 100% pure, natural food grade collagen, a true building block to any quality skin and body product line.

Our skincare treatments are most innovative in that the product line incorporates the highest quality standards for product development along with the best-known skin research available. From edible products such as skin dietary supplements to breakthrough anti-wrinkle skincare topical treatments that utilize Hyaluronic Acid, Collagen, Acetyl Hexapeptide 3, Idebenone, L-Ascorbic Acid and vital nutritive botanicals, Cellbone addresses the needs of drying, aged, environmentally damaged, wrinkle prone skin. Our products were not tested on animals. Our multidimensional products are individualized to meet the changing demands of our customers as they age.

Keep your skin youthful with Cellbone Technologies. Once you try our products, we know you too will believe in the Cellbone mission.

Cellbone Technology, Inc. is currently expanding the study of Alternative Medicine in the area of pre-menopause, skin, hair, and general improvements of women’s health. We have our own medical staff which conducts clinical testing of our products and collaborates with prominent researchers from all over the world. We adhere to GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and all FDA guidelines. Stringent quality control allows Cellbone technology to stand behind all its products.


Cellbone Technology Inc. 以尖端的医学美容研究技术,创制出强效高质的美学护肤产品,为各种肌肤带来从内到外的完美修护,并获美国多位皮肤医生推荐使用。


 何谓医学美容产品 (Cosmeceuticals)?

真正的医学美容产品,必须妣媄医生的配方,能针对不同的肌肤问题, 提供极快速及显著的解决方案。


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